Where to get "Extended Header"?


where can I get more of the extended headers as sold with the Hyperpixel? I can’t find any for sale (here, Amazon, eBay etc). Thnx.

Here’s some male and female long/tall headers sold by Pimoroni: https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/break-away-headers-long
Hope this helps! :)


thanks for the reply. Not quite what I need, I have headers with the
11mm pins (got some from Pimoroni). I’m looking for a female 2x20 header
with the normal 8mm plastic socket but with 5mm or 6mm pins (like the
one provided with the Hyperpixel LCD) rather than the 3mm pins. I can’t
find one anywhere for sale, but they must be produced or how did one get
included with the Hyperpixel?

Is that not just this general female header?


  • Receptacle Style: Square
  • Number of Pins: 40
  • Pin Spacing: 0.1" (2.54 mm)
  • Receptacle Depth: 6 mm

With a receptacle depth of 6mm?

Unless you mean the actual brass pins, in which case I though they were exactly the same. Maybe I’m wrong! My Hyperpixel is mounted on my wall at the moment and I don’t feel like removing all those screws to check. :D


its the pins that need to be longer @ 5mm or 6mm. The 3mm pin length does not penetrate a female header on a §hat in a stable fashion (it needs that extra 2-3mm). That is what came with the Hyperpixel, a header with 5 or so mm of pin length. I can’t find any of these for sale anywhere.

Adafruit sells some with HUGE pins (10mm) on them: https://www.adafruit.com/product/2223
You might want to cut these down to size!
There’s also this flavour, although I’m not so sure of the difference… https://www.adafruit.com/product/1979

Yeah those long (10-11mm) pins are too long, the hats/phats sit on them with a few mm of pin exposed. Its just weird that the perfect pin length on the extended header with the Hyperpixel is not offered for sale separately. I suppose pin clipping is the last (if a bit messy) resort.

Its the female header under the Hyperpixel on this image I’m after, they have to come from somewhere, yes?

May not be ideal, but why not just get the ones that are too long and cut them to what you want? Then , if need be, take a small file and smooth off the edges. A nail file would likely work.


The header has just been added to the shop :) https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/booster-header

Hey, great stuff. I’ve ordered a few just now.

I have bought quality headers from Pimoroni & Adafruit, but when it comes to unique headers, or just cheap ones for connectors in projects I go to ebay.
If I am going to solder a header onto say a raspberry pi zero I most certainly use the quality Pimoroni & adafruit sell, but as far as extra cheap ones, those on ebay are that, usually if imported cheaply from Asia. They are great for alot of uses but many times the male pins just don’t hold good form long and bend too easy.