Hyperpixel FPC connector? (Or, premade extension?)

I’m looking at an application where I need to squeeze a Hyperpixel (non-touch) into an exceptionally tight spot – only the panel will fit – I need to relocate the driver board and the pi about 20cm away.

I know I can buy FPC cables, I just need to make a tiny little bridge-board to connect 'em up. I want to do precisely what this product does: https://www.adafruit.com/product/2098 but for the Hyperpixel connector, not the 40-pin connector as shown there.

I’m cool with having my own board made, I just need the part number of that connector:


Thanks in advance! (And yeah I know Pimoroni is out of stock on the Hyperpixel products, but Adafruit is my local distributor and they have a few in stock!)