Looking for M- F 16 pin female header

I am wanting a tight fit female 16 pin right angle header for a project I am doing with an Arduino.

I bought some from fleabay last week, but the male pins are so thin that the female end of the jumper wires just kept falling off, and lost the connection.

Presently I am making do with a 40 pin hammer header which I had spare and using the short bowed pins for the female jumper wires and they do stay on.

The trouble with that arrangement is that the 40 pin header is too long for a case I have made, and it means cutting 4 pins off one end, which I really don’t want to do if I can get a suitable alternative.

All I’ve ever seen are 24 and 40 pin. For the Pi anyway in dual row headers. There are these, https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/feather-header-kit-12-pin-and-16-pin-female-header-set but they aren’t right angle. And these, https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/short-feather-headers-kit-12-pin-and-16-pin-female-header-set

Thanks for that, and I have a right angled 16 pin header in place where the female end is tight on the male pins of a lcd screen. I could put one of those on and hope it works ok.

Both links go to 12 and 16 pin headers, and both a female set.

One is tall and one is short headers. I think I’d go with the tall ones. Also, to get two 16 pin headers you’ll have to order two sets. I couldn’t find any single 16 pin versions. I poked around on Adafruits site but they sell the same set of two feather headers.

Which one has the longer pins

The male part is the same length on both. The female half is longer on the tall ones. If you also want long male pins you need a stacking header. Like this, https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/arduino-stackable-header-6-pin

I have a couple of stackable headers with long male pins but they are 20 double pins on them.
I have ordered the ones you linked to and hopefully I have ordered to right ones. It was the link that didn’t have ‘short’ in it which I ordered.

Geez, they’re hard to find, huh? I’ve had a trawl through CPC and Mouser and can’t find anything. I reckon that carefully trimming down a 2x20 one would be the easiest approach. You could hacksaw or Dremel it fairly successfully, I reckon?

The male ones are easy peasy to trim, I do it all the time. Haven’t tried trimming a female yet. I would think its doable it your careful. Go over 1 pin more than you need and cut down the middle of that pin. You’ll sacrifice one pin from the extra bit that left over. Then just file off the bits left over until the end is flush again.

I also searched for the single row 16 pin angled header and it seems that no one does them including Farnells and Radio Spares.

I cut off 4 pins off the length, but haven’t cut down between the 2 rows of a double 20 pin header. Half the problem is trying to get the female part onto the male pins on the lcd screen, as they are only short, about 4mm long.

It’s a little bit of work (soldering), but you could take a 90 male and solder a female header to the pins that normally solder to the Pi. The short ones. That would give you a 90 degree male to female header and the male pins would be the normal long length for plugging into a header.

On the YT video for the project the author shall we say, says this:

Before wiring the LCD screen to your Arduino or Genuino board we suggest to solder a pin header strip to the 14 (or 16) pin count connector of the LCD screen.

As the pins on the LCD scree are only 4mm long, I have a single row pin header which has male pins on each side. On one side they are 6mm and the other side just 3mm long.

I ordered what I thought were not the short pins header, but have just received the short pin headers, damn!

Bummer, I hate it when something like that happens. The shipping fees are a killer for me being on the other side of the big pond. The short ones have “short” in the description. The short refers to the female part though, the male pins are the same length in both the ones I linked too above. If you also need long male pins then you want these, https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/feather-stacking-headers-12-pin-and-16-pin-female-headers

Ok, thanks for that link, and it’s part my error as I didn’t specify long pins, but thought the link without short in were long.

Yeah, I kind of figured out what happened after the fact. Normal headers for the Pi are usually stacking or just regular. There isn’t really a “short” version. The female part is just the one standard length. And the male end is either the normal length for soldering to a board, or the tall stacking pins for stacking boards on top of each other. The feather headers have tall and short, but that refers to the female part of the header. That’s what confused things, for me anyway.

How are your soldering skills? If it was me I think I’d remove the straight header you have on the display and replace it with a 90. I guessing you have a straight one on it now and your trying to turn it into a right angle by plugging the M to F header into it?

Or maybe not, after reading it again? A picture might help?

Actually my soldering skills are crap now, as I used to be fairly competent when I was a Radio Ham. Consequently I try not to soldering anything unless it’s necessary.

A couple of pictures as best as I could get. 1 from inside looking at the wires and connection. You can see the 4 pins that don’t need anything on them, in the middle.

A picture from the front looking at the LCD and a couple of 90 degree headers before the tall header I botched to fit yesterday. You can only see the 4 bare pins of that!

The second picture didn’t upload.

I’ll try again.

Still not 100% sure what you have going on there, to be honest? Do you have a link to the displays product page?