Looking for M- F 16 pin female header

From the front facing lcd pins , I have x2 90 degree headers to make it like a U on it’s side. The top part or pins now face in towards the box, where I have a 16 pin header with long pins attached or plugged on to the 90 degree header pins.

So why are you not connecting to the headers on the black daughter board? Just replace the 4 pin 90 header with a straight 4 pin header? The one with GND, VCC, SDA, SCL on it?

If your carful you could probably just bend them one at a time so they are straight up.

Black daughter board? Do you mean the board with the 4 pins behind the LCD screen.

I followed a YT video tutorial where the guy was building a range finder. Actually I saw a range finder project in the MagPi magazine last month, but I couldn’t follow the wiring in the photo of it. I then searched YT and came across the said tutorial. I used the same pins as the guy did in video. Anyway, there are 2 rows of 4 pins, where the blue tape is.

Regarding bending the pins, if you mean the short 3mm ones on the front of the screen, not a chance as they are just 3mm long as I said yesterday, and don’t want to risk breaking them

Yes, the board behind the screen, the one that plugs into the screen. Those headers are there for a reason. The pins I was thinking you could bend are the ones on that board, the 4 on the right. I was assuming you weren’t using them because they pointed at the side of your case, no room to connect to them. Bend them up straight and they are usable.
Have a look at this, https://www.banggood.com/Geekcreit®-IIC-or-I2C-1602-Blue-Backlight-LCD-Display-Module-For-Arduino-videos-p950726-v15509.html That’s the header I’m talking about. Being used to connect to the Arduino.

As I said , I followed the YT video and connected the wires exactly as in the video. These are the pins which are used for the project, which are on the front.

LCD VSS pin to Arduino GND
LCD VDD pin to Arduino 5V
LCD VO pin to 10k Potentiometer center pin
LCD RS pin to digital pin 1
LCD RW pin to Arduino GND
LCD Enable pin to digital pin 2
LCD D4 pin to digital pin 4
LCD D5 pin to digital pin 5
LCD D6 pin to digital pin 6
LCD D7 pin to digital pin 7

Ok, fair enough. Another way to do it is to skip adding any extra headers. Take your jumper wires, cut the connector off one end. Strip the insulation back just a little bit, then tin the end and solder (tack) it to the appropriate pin on the front of the display. Or tack it to the pin on the back side, on the daughter board. The protruding pins look a little longer on the display side though and may be easier to solder too.

Funny you should mention that about soldering the wires direct on to the pins, because I was talking to a friend earlier today about it and he also suggested or asked why didn’t I do it.
I don’t know if I will do it but I’ll have a think about it first.

Solder them all on the same side of each pin, right or left you pick, and you shouldn’t have any worries about two shorting together. Tin the end first, and use just enough solder to tack them on. I’d pause a bit between each one so the heat dissipates. Small tip on your iron. The usual stuff, nothing you don’t already know.