Longer female hammer headers?


For my current project, I’d have to solder two HATs on top of each other, but I’m not confident enough in my soldering skills to even attempt that.
To get around that, I wanted to use solderless headers, but the female one is not long enough to have a HAT and another female header put on top of it.
I went to look for ones with longer pins, but I can’t find them anywhere and my google-fu is failing me. Do these even exist? And if they do, it’d be super awesome (and so much more convenient!) if they could be bought on this site. :)


if you really do mean HATs then that won’t work. I suspect you mean pHATs, or at least some add-ons with through-hole connections for the header.

But, no, you won’t find anything like that, or at least I would be extremely surprised if you did. I guess your best option are either stacking headers that you would then need to solder on yourself, for a vertical setup, or use a pre-assembled mini Black HAT for an horizontal - but still reasonable footprint.


Sorry, I meant pHATs, I didn’t realize there was a difference. 😅
I already have a bunch of regular stacking headers lying around, guess I’ll just have to get better at soldering.