Advice on new project and system


OK so I have the following requirements:

A device that has WS2812 LED strips in it and can detect acceleration to cause display of different light sequences, and which sequence is being displayed on an LCD display, and select sequences with microswitch buttons. Runs off a USB battery pack.

So a microcontroller with following peripherals:
Single serial pin output to control WS2812 LED strip
Supports LCD Display (16x2 or OLED or whatever)
Button/microswitch inputs (x4)
Accelerometer / rotational detector

Also need:
Small size (something Pi Zero size would be fine)
Runs on USB power
Easy to program (I have been using NETMF C#, but happy to use anything - except Python)
Library of code for useful stuff like accelerometer and display and WS2812
Programmable via USB
Short boot up time (2 seconds or less?)

Does NOT need:
WiFi or any networking
Huge memory like an SD card
Programmable by wireless means

So I have some Raspberry Pis but I’m not a fan of Python and nano and they just seem a bit OTT for the application.

Can anyone suggest an Arduino or similar, or Micro:Bit, or whatever, microcontroller that will do all the above easily? And the display, I/O and so forth?

Many thanks.


I’ve gone with a Teensy LC and the Teensy Prop Shield. Leaving out the display for now. I’ll see how it goes.