ALERT/RDY pin on Envirophat. Is it connected? (ADS1015)

Does not seem to be looking at the used pins here but wanted to make sure these are up to date.

Ta :)

It’'s not connected. The library sets up the ADS1015 in single-shot mode, and doesn’t use the alert/ready functionality at all. (It’s not much use on the Pi, where, by the time you get into Python, interrupts are a such tangled mess of threads and polling that you might as well just poll explicitly)

"It’s not much use on the Pi"
Unless you’re not using python.

I’m running my system on solar so would have preferred not to poll, although can’t say if it’ll make much difference to power usage doing so. Being an old school coder I whipped up some cpp code to read the sensor.

You crazy kids with your pythons. ;)

Quite, in retrospect I should have wired it up for completeness sake, will certainly keep it in mind if we find any reason to do a re-spin.

No probs, was just a query more than a request. :)

BTW, I wanted to use an interrupt as I am reading a wind direction device that uses 8 value resister ladder. One of them Maplin specials. But polling should work well enough. :)

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