Amazon Echo

Anyone recommend a good microphone for the Pi to work with the Amazon Echo solution or should i just go with the Kinobo - USB 2.0 Mini Microphone.


I set it up with a USB audio interface hooked up to a Zoom H4N. Absolutely overkill but it worked well. Although for some reason the Pi refuses to talk directly to the H4N.

Sticking with the recommended one for now isn’t a bad idea- someone out there will have the right combination of Microphone and free time, and will figure out a better solution if there is one.

I had been planning to either modify the JS code to accept an arcade button as the push to talk input, or use Python UI automation to simulate a mouse click. Not quite always-listening, but a start.

Looks like someone has done some Python scripts to allow a button to be used to accept the request which is far better and is meant to be a simpler setup process than the Amazon steps listed. The Arcade button would be great for this.

Could be a good Bilge Tank video to do.

Amazon relaxed their rules a while back - meaning that it is no longer necessary to have a push button to initiate the listening.

Has anyone tried the Pimoroni sold USB MIC to see over what range it works?