Anti Static 10mm to 10mm Grounding Cable?

Hopefully it’s ok to post this question here since Pimoroni don’t sell such things?

Does anyone know where one of these cables

can be purchased for a reasonable price in the UK? Farnell and RS all sell them but they all work out at around £20 (vat+delivery) which is quite steep, imo.

All I want to do is plug my esd strap into my mat instead of it having to go to a wall outlet.

Any advice much appreciated.

CPC (Farnell) want £9.37 (plus VAT) but there’s a minimum order of £17.50 (+VAT) to qualify for free postage. If you add another £9 of parts they will all be delivered free.

Alternatively look on Ebay - someone from Bristol is selling that exact RS cord new for £3.99 post free! and he has 47 items available.
Search for “ESD grounding cord”

Thanks for the reply @neilman Unfortunately that seller from Bristol is selling one with a banana connector on one end. I had seen it already and I got caught out by that too. You can only just see it in the photo.

It’s so frustrating not being able to find such a simple thing for a reasonable price. :(

After a rummage I found, for £7, you could get a blue one from Ebay seller blueskycomponents
Ebay Bluesky
It includes the safety resistor and has the snap connector each end

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You are a star! Thanks a lot!