Where to buy same 'quality' wire in different colours?

I’d like to get some single core wire in colours which Pimoroni don’t stock, specifically grey and brown. I’d like to match the same quality, of the plastic sheath thickness. This gives the wires Pimoroni stocks a nice firm feel, which hold their shape. Other wires I’ve been able to find, ie ebay, have all had much thinner plastic coatings, which don’t seem coated in as good a quality.

Does anyone know of a stockist of this type of wire, in a good range of colours?

Adafruit has this, https://www.adafruit.com/product/1311 “should” be good quality. They don’t usually skimp on what they sell.
Just saw this, https://www.adafruit.com/product/3174 Looks like it has the colors you want.
And you can get single spools, https://www.adafruit.com/product/2983

That’s great, thanks so much! 1.6mm is exactly the same as Pimoroni’s. :) Now I just have to find a way to get it to the UK… :( Does anyone know of a distributer for this wire in Europe? Adafruit’s site only lists the Dutch company SOS Solutions and I’m not sure they’ll ship to the UK.

Adafruit don’t ship to the UK?
My guess is its the same thats wire sold here at Pimoroni, just not in the colors you want.

They do ship here but, oh my goodness, am I going to get hammered for postage + customs. I’d like the wires to do things right, right colours for the right purpose etc. So there is no confusion or misunderstandings when dealing with electrical circuits. The Dutch place won’t ship to the UK either. :(

I agree that the wire Pimoroni stock is likely Adafruit stock. Such a shame that Pimoroni don’t sell the entire range. Or at least those boxes. :(

I’m in Canada, its not such a big hit when I order from Adafruit. It still adds up so I usually wait till I have several items I want before ordering. Same deal when I order from Pimoroni, shipping’s not bad though, I can do the snail mail 10 dolor signed and tracked. It just takes longer to get here, 10+ days.
I also like to color code and use a specific color wire for a specific function. Especially when using a solderless bread board and jumper wires. It makes trouble shooting an issue a lot easier IMHO.

What you’re looking for is “22AWG Solid Core Wire”. The wire itself is about 0.64mm thick. The coating can vary.

Looks like ModMyPi have what you need albeit not as nicely spooled:

Thanks for all the replies everyone. I found out that the pi hut sells the whole range so I’ve placed an order with them for the spools I need. :)

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Oooh! I didn’t think to look at PiHut. Will keep that in mind. Happy hacking!