Absurd amount of taxes when buying from europe! totally regret buying here

DO NOT BUY IN THIS STORE IF YOU ARE FROM EUROPE! I order about 180 euros in electronic parts and the total import duty/tax that I needed to pay is 160 euros! this is absurd, I have ordered electronic items from the US of 200 dollars and the tax was never above 40 euros. I totally regret buying from Pimoroni.

But is that actually Pimoroni’s fault? I’m not meaning to dismiss your concern’s, just maybe putting it in perspective.
I’m on the other side of the big pond, I live in Canada eh. If it goes by currier I pay duty etc. If it goes by snail mail (Royal mail / Canada Post) I don’t. I don’t pay nearly what you paid, but its a good chunk of change, exchange rate and JST etc.