Some suggestions


After introducing myself a few days ago I’ll ask/suggest some things:

  • Is it possible to enable this forum in tapatalk?

  • It would be great to post some tutorials of projects involving your HATs. Ok, I know this must be difficult, perhaps you do on your video show (I only managed to see Ep.1) but it would be really nice.

  • About the delivery to Spain. I felt embarrassed when I read that you don’t use regular post to send to Spain because they are really bad and I must agree, but they improved in the last years and I would like to have the option to choose. I mean, if I buy a lot of things I would choose a courier, but if I want to buy a Black Hack3r tomorrow I won’t do it (it’s just an example, I already have one :D) because it costs 10 pounds and shipping to Spain is 22. This, taking into account the difference between pounds and euros and that mi Ph.D salary is just shit, makes difficult buying your whole shop.


Hey Iker!

We do have tutorials for our HATs on the Learning Portal. Check them out!

I don’t know tapatalk, I’ll take a look into it.

Spain delivery - we’ll look at what other options we can offer, the main thing is it has to be tracked due to the issues we’ve had in the past. There may be a cheaper tracked service!

Hi Jon,

Good to know about the learn portal, I visited once some time ago but I can see there are good things to start with there.

Tapatalk is just and app to make the forums more accesible on smartphones, I use it and its great. Anyway, I can live without it.

I think you can track the shippments if you send by regular uk mail with tracking number, that also can be tracked once it is in Spain. Anyway, my suggestion was to choose between both methods, depending on the money spent I would prefer one or other, even without track number. You could add the cheap one with a disclaimer like “this is way cheaper but we can’t track, we are not responsible if you don’t receive it. You can always choose the other method”.


Royal Mail will do Spain tracked+signed for reasonable costs yes, but it can’t be tracked once it has left the UK borders… which essentially make their ‘tracked only’ service pointless, but that’s another discussion.

I would agree it is a suitable shipping method, for up to £50 worth of goods, after that insurance adds to the point where you might as well courrier it.

I ship semi-regularly to Spain and never had any trouble using that method. I can’t say the same for Italy, so I can understand the reluctance if past experience has not been great for Pimoroni though.

what you have to be aware of as well is that EU regulations on distance selling does not allow anything to be send ‘at the customers risk’, the business is always accountable for non-arrival of goods.

that means that non-insured methods are just not viable, well at least for the sort of things Pimoroni sells, except maybe their own range, where their margin might be good enough to afford the occasional hiccup.

… but like I said, Spain is not on my ‘ban’ list, but the merchandise I send out has high margins so whatever loss there may be can be deemed a ‘running cost’ so to speak for servicing certain countries considered ‘higher risk’.

Hi RogueM,

I didn’t know that EU laws don’t let to send good at “own risk”, in that case I understand that is the best shippment method available and I will wait till I need things enough and buy all of them together.



Me again to talk about some shipment suggestions. I already placed an order, some tools, a Explorer Hat Pro and other stuff. I really wanted a Pi Zero but I was not able to get one, neither a Pibow Zero. It would be great to buy at Pimoroni when there is stock again, but again the shipping rate makes it difficult.

I don’t want to buy anywhere else, you have been so kind both here, email and twitter and you are my favourite pi-related-things shop :D

I have been checking previous invoices from other stores:

ModMyPi sent my things with Royal Mail Airrmail EU Tracked: 8 Euros + VAT.
Pi Supply Maket it from 9:59 Pounds, with Royal Mail International.

Could you use one of these?

Another last question, next run of Pi Zero will also be limited to 1 per orderr?

Thank you!