Royal Mail tracking?


Is it just me or does the Royal Mail tracking leave a lot to be desired? I know this is not Pimoroni’s fault but the International Tracked and signed doesn’t really seem to be International? I placed an order that shipped a week ago Saturday and tracking seems to stop when it leaves the UK? The last entry was
Updated on: Saturday 30 June
Item Leaving the UK

Again I know this is beyond Pimoroni’s control I’m just wondering if anybody else is noticing this? If your in the US or Canada for instance.


Not specific to Pimoroni, but when I’ve used Royal Mail tracking to send parcels to the US, once the item leaves the UK, it gets handed over to the USPS service and further tracking is then available on their website.

Not sure if this helps in your case…


I’ll have a look see on Canada Post thanks.


Canada post won’t accept the Royal Mail number and that’s the only one I have. Was worth a try though. What will happen is it will just show up and I’ll sign for it. Then the tracking say delivered. Until it shows up though, I’m left wondering where exactly in Canada it is?


Royal Mail define it as “Tracking within the UK and after leaving the UK” so it should, in theory, transition to overseas but I don’t know how the handoff works between postal agencies.

You could try: but I’m not sure that’s the right way.

It’s possible it’s still in customs limbo between the UK and Canada- I’ve seen stuff vanish for a while before it crops up.


I’ll just wait for it to show up. It usually around 10 days after it was shipped, so that’s any day now. I shouldn’t really complain when I’m only paying 10 bucks for shipping. ;) I must have been having a bad day when I started this thread, lol. Stuff like this doesn’t usually bug me all that much. The package always arrives. :)