Order not received


I have placed my order on 29th September and yet to date, 15 days after - I haven’t received the order. To makes things worse, the support team is not answering my emails (I have already sent 3). Can you kindly check and get back to me?

Order ref: #PI352604

Thank you

What shipping option did you pick, Royal Mail tracked and signed etc?
And where do you live, Country wise etc.
I used to use the Royal Mail tracked and signed option, it would take at least 2 weeks to get to me here in Canada. Lately I’ve been using the Shipped (International Standard (5-10 business days)) and it gets here quicker, usually around the 10 days or so. Sometimes quicker, 7 days or so.

Dear alphanumeric,

Thank you for your reply. I choose Royal Mail (not tracked) and I live in Malta. Unregistered Mail from the UK usually takes 3-7 working days. But I’ve been waiting for more than 2 weeks now, with no reply from the support team.

I had one order take a really long time. Pimoroni was just about to resend it when it arrived. I think it was 20 days or something. In my case I blame Canada Post for the delay. They won’t track it either. Once my package leaves the UK the Royal mail tracking pretty well stops until its actually delivered and I sign for it. Then it finally gets updated.
It kind of sucks but I think you may just have to wait it out a little longer. They may be waiting to see if its actually really lost or just really late?
I’ve used the contact us link on the shop page a couple of times and always got a reply? Sometimes its a day or so latter, but they get back to me. I think it kind of depends on what the issue is?

I guess I have to wait a little longer.

Someone from Pimoroni got back to me, finally :) Thanks for your help.