Not received my Pi

Hi all,

I have not received my order (RP 3) which was shipped on the 16th of March. I have send direct email to support, and also complete a form here. Both have no response. I provided my order number in both cases. Please advice what else I can do.

Ralf Bierig

I would also like to add that it is difficult to contact Pimoroni as I cannot find any phone number for such things. I wonder how this usually works…


Ahoy, I’ve just responded to your email. Sorry for the delay- all the holidaying around Easter has set us back a little!

i am in same situation. no pi no conctact. nothing just my money was gone.

@rady we received your email at 7:52PM on Friday, at which time we’d all departed for the weekend. I’ve updated the contact page with working hours to better communicate this.

waiting…2business days…and nothing!

I responded to this email long time ago confirming that I have no received it. What else do you need?

You have added contact hours but no phone number. Seeing how you work, i understand that you prefer the distance of email.

Please advice what you would do, if you order, you money has been taken and you have not been helped for a month.

What would you do?



I responded to your email some 7 days ago and handed it over to the shop team. I’m sorry they haven’t got back to you yet. I’ve duly prodded them.

Our response, when dealing with missing Royal Mail deliveries, would often be to wait 21 days- things can go temporarily missing and spontaneously turn up- but since it’s already been that long I’ve no doubt a replacement package will be shipped to you promptly.