Didn't receive my order since 11/03?


I am still waiting for my order of “Raspberry Pi 7” Touchscreen Display with Stand" since 11th of this Month. Order #PI59710.

I have sent two e-mails to support@pimoroni.com without replies!

Please help.


Sorry, we’re still chugging through our support backlog from over Easter. I’ve replied, just so you know we’re alive, and handed your ticket to Matt, who’ll look into it tomorrow!


It’s 20 days now! You promised to deliver in one business day.

I will be waiting for your reply.



I just received an offer from your sales people?!! Would you please send me my shipment first?

I am supposed to do a small educational project for my nephew for his school which should be delivered before 10th of this April. And your shipment still needs to be delivered to me to Jordan (6 more days).


Hi, please respond via email, since we’re unable to discuss details of your order on the forums ( for your own privacy ).

Sales emails are automated, so this certainly wasn’t a deliberate attempt to insult you.

We also certainly don’t make any promises that we can deliver via free shipping in 1 business day to Jordan. It’s quite clear that you have used a freight forwarding service, and your concerns about shipping delays and your missing parcel would be best directed at them.

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