Where is my Order?


I ordered a RPi and display on 11/28/15 and have not recieved shipping confirmation or any other indicator. Who can I talk with prior to reversing my paypal payment? I would really like to see my RPi… ;-)


You should definitely email into support ( support@pimoroni.com ). I tend to champion the forums and don’t have access to paypal orders to try and figure out who you are!

Most likely your order is still being processed; between the Pi Zero launch, Black Friday and the Christmas crush we’re incredibly busy at the moment so orders are taking a while. Sorry!


Add support@pimoroni.com to the site/shop

@wapitismith I would give it a few more days. I’m in the same boat :)


Thank-you. I received my Navio+ already and I’m chomping at the bit to get started.


I’ve updated the support page to try and answer some of the more common questions and remove redundant methods of contact/noise. Honestly we’d much rather answer questions proactively via an FAQ or clear communication ( or shipping orders out faster during the Christmas crush ) than get even more inundated with support.

I’ll see about adding the email address, mostly because it allows people to add screenshots and attach things which are often needed to paint the full picture.


I’m in the same boat, I placed an order nearly three weeks ago and apart from the order confirmation message, I haven’t heard anything else. No ‘your order has shipped’ message. Is it normal to get an update when your order has shipped from Pimoroni?

I understand what a busy time of year it is, but I’m just after some communication… Disappointing not to have something for my son to unwrap tomorrow but it would be helpful to know if it’s on it’s way or not.