How do I get response to order queries

No response to emails or contact us form re order #PW8447

for really urgent problems.

No response from that email address either - any further suggestions?
I have tried posting on Facebook page, using facebook messenger, emailing, emailing
There appears to be no phone number to call!
No response for 5 days

Hey! Are you sure that the emails are not in the junk folder? Try getting through to them on trustpilot through a review: Pimoroni Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of And also do here: Pimoroni Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of Make sure at that second link to select let pimoroni know about your review.

Hope this helps!

Alex! :)

Also, Try discord: Their phone number is here: 0114 270 6447

Hope if my previous post didn’t work, this does!

Alex :)

You are a star - the phone worked!

Not sure why they don’t respond to any other channels of communication but anyway our goods will hopefully be shipped tonight now.

Jim Smith

Thanks! I’m happy to help! I don’t know where I got the phone from - it was in one of my posts I made last year.