3Weeks, Still no Pi :(


Ordered the Pi 16th Mar, still not received it. Wondering where it got stuck.
Can you guys have and look and let me know.

I have sent email twice but in vain.

Order #PI59885

I’ll give the requisite people a poke to respond to your ticket.

I can see a pattern. I also waiting for a month now.

i am in the same situation and not only you and me. very bad service

Unfortunately once something is posted with Royal Mail, we’re unable to affect its course or guarantee a specific delivery time- it’s out of our hands.

The best we can do is ask you to wait patiently for a reasonable amount of time ( usually 21 days, even within the UK ) and, if it still fails to turn up, send a replacement.

All of your tickets are currently with the shop guys. They will keep you updated with your respective orders and replacements via email.