Order #PI59838 from 12th of March DID NOT ARRIVE!

I ordered a Raspberry Pi 3 with a Ninja casing on the 12th of March. You claimed the delivery was shipped on the 16th of March. It never arrived. I was not contacted other than one email that asked me to confirm that was never responded. I do not know how to reach you by phone. I think you are either very very unprofessional or a fraud.

If I do not soon hear from you I will initiate legal actions. You are a fraud and you have to be dealt with.

Dr. Ralf Bierig
National College of Ireland ( on behalf of 1000s of Students and 100s of Lecturers of Ireland)


I responded to your ticket and handed it over to our shop team who’ve unfortunately not responded yet. I’ll give them a prod and make sure a replacement is sent out as soon as possible.

Still I have not heard anything about a replacement being sent. This is ridiculous!

The entire communication strategy you are applying in your company is very much out of shape and far from pracical. I am also very surprised that you do not have a tracking number of my order…

I want my Pi. Alternatively, you can reimburse me now and I leave you alone. Life is very short…


Today is the 11 April 2016, and as we are approaching the 1 months anneversary of my order at your company, I would like to use this opportunity to again claim my order.

Where is my order? What have you done (concrete traceable steps outside the scope of “I told sales that they should really do it now”) so far? I keep filling your forum until you help me…


Your missing order has been replaced, let us know if you have any further issues please!