Raspberry PI 3 - Disptach issues, Royal Mail 1st Class


My order has been sat on ‘Your order is being prepared for dispatch’ since 01/03/16, yet I payed £2.50 for Royal Mail 1st Class (Which is for next day delivery). Any idea what’s happening?


Similar issue here. I ordered last Wednesday…no sign of my Pi 3 or a despatch confirmation. I also paid for first class delivery.

Curious to know if you got your problem resolved.


at the moment, due to high demand for Pi3, turn around is about 3 days for processing (meaning being dispatched). If you haven’t got a confirmation of dispatch by the end of the day it is worth enquiring via email.

Note that Royal Mail 1st class is an ETA from the dispatch date, there is absolutely no guarantee it will arrive within 24 hours after confirmation of dispatch, though that is most often than not the case.


I just got my shipping confirmation email a few hours ago, so it should be all good now :-)


Hi there,
I’m a first time Pimoroni customer. I ordered a new Raspberry Pi 3 on 03/05/2016 and have so far not had any kind of confirmation. The status is still ‘Preparing for dispatch’. At the time it sounded like it would be next working day dispatch, but I’ve since seen the message about delays. Can anybody give me an indication of when I might receive my order (#PI58682)? I was really hoping it would be this week.

Many thanks


I made an order the same day as you and received my shipping confirmation 2 1/2 hrs ago. This being the case I guess yours will be today or tomorrow assuming no stock issues.


Hi there, thanks for the message.
I was meant to say 05/03/16. I also did get an order confirmaiton, just no update it yet about a dispatch or ETA on the delivery. I would have been good to be made clear at the time of order about more realistic expectations for delivery. I guess everybody has probably decided to order a new Raspberry Pi at the same time…!


Hi all I am located in the USA and I ordered 2 Pi 3’s on this past Sunday. I still am getting the preparing for dispatch message for my order. The whole point of my even buying from here was because it was sold out locally. Now its back in stock again. If my stuff can’t be shipped soon then how do you request a refund?


Wow that was quick, I just got the shipping confirmation. I wish I had done this 3 days ago.


Got mine delivered today. Cheers Pimoroni!
Now to get my geek on…!


HI could i get an update on my order please #PI58738

when i ordered this it said ‘in stock’ and i should have it within 3 working days, however i have not even seen an email to tell me its been sent out for delivery.