Customs payment to Sapin?

I am considering buying some stuff from your page, but I’d like to now if there would be any extra customs payment, since you are supposed to be leaving the EU.

I’m not sure I understand the question… but no change to trade tariffs (if any) will occur until at the very least a couple of years time.

… I have heard trading Sapin is very popular in France around Christmas though, but it is a thorny subject :-)

I’m sorry I meant Spain, I was typing in the phone. I wanted to know if there would be any extra custom charges when shipping to spain, since I recently bought something directly from adafruit and had a really bas surprise in that way. But since the UK is still en the EU there should’nt be any problems, should’nt it?

as long as the UK is part of the EU block then nothing will change in term of customs… after that, nobody knows.

That is not to say that couriers (Royal Mail) might not increase shipping prices to EU countries in the next 2 years, but that is doubtful. But you will know when you place the order, should that happen at any point.