Country banned from shipping

I noticed that Pimoroni does not ship to Brazil “due to trade restrictions or high level of fraudulent activity”.

I don’t know if it’s because of trade restrictions (which I find unlikely) or high level of fraudulent activity, since there’s no tracking number on the cheapest mail service.

If it’s the second one, isn’t there a chance of sending to Brazil only with a more expensive shipping option, with tracking number? Buying from Europe is actualy cheaper than in the US for Brazilians, since the postal fees are lower, and even paying for a more expensive shipping service is more viable than buying from the US itself.

I work in a university project to design electric wheelchairs and electric leg protesis, and recently analysing if it’s viable to use Pi’s as our little brains, but the prices in Brazil, and the shipping from the US. just no.

As I understand it, the main problem with shipping to Brazil is the import tax. Unfortunately the best shipping in the world can’t stop someone rejecting a parcel at the border when they see the tax bill. I believe it was the high frequency of this particular problem that meant we had to shop shipping there.

I think some people in your situation have had success using freight forwarding services, but they include their own set of problems.

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Yeah, I understand.

The main problem may be Brazilians who don’t actualy know the laws or that are too lazy to file a tax review. In some states purchases up to $100 dollars are tax free, in others, up to $50 dollars.
Amazon started charging duty fees on the Billing page, so you already pay about 60% duty tax in advance, even if it’s under $50 or $100, and Brazil drifts away from the international market step by step.

For mail forwarding services to Brazil, the US has better rates, but still, too high. If the goods are not that expensive, like a Pi Zero, i’d pay 5 Bucks for the Pi, and about 20 Bucks for shipping + handling