Shipping to USA

I am about to place a $400+ order for a bunch of stuff shipped to the USA. I am getting a shipping price of $25.79 UPS Saver and it says 1 business day. If I order today can I really expect everything by tomorrow? I am going out of town and I don’t want everything sitting outside in the cold/rain while I’m away.

I also don’t want things to go out of stock while i’m away and can’t order.

Please help ASAP!

Hi there!

If you placed the order today then it would ship tomorrow (we only ship same day before midday UK time). The shipping time quoted is the time it takes the courier service to deliver to you from picking up at our warehouse.

When are you heading out of town?

I am leaving Thursday 8am EST.

Heya! We can hold back your order for a few days.

If you place your order and then e-mail with your order number and preferred dispatch date we’ll make sure it goes out then. :-)

Okay thank you. I’ll do that. Now how do I use the discount codes at checkout? I didn’t see any place to enter them.

On the first page of the checkout process there is a link that says "Have a discount code? Click here to enter it ". Click that. :-)