Shipment arrangement issue


I want to order several items and have them delivered in one oversea shipment. My problem is that one or two items of them are out of stock on rotation base ^^!!

I wonder if I can pay first for the items with stock so as to reserve them, wait until the rest items come-back-in-stock for me to complete the whole order?

Thank you for your attention.


You’re probably better of contacting the team directly, using the “Contact us” form ( than asking this question in the community forum.


Thank you for your reply. I thought they mean to ask here.

I get caught, the more I visit here, the more items I want to buy, I decided not to wait. Just placed my 2nd order and planning my 3rd. ;p

Unfortunately, I am just too exciting that I forget to key in the discount code CREATE. cry~~

Wish they will enclose a gift within the shipment, whatever, if they see this post. ^^