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Ahoy Pimoroni,

This past Monday I ordered “some” things and chose UPS shipping since I’m going on a trip tomorrow afternoon and would love to take a couple of things with me. Last time I ordered (30th May) it was dispatched on the same day but this time it’s taking a lot longer. I also tried contacting support through e-mail but with no success. Is there something wrong or is it just a busy time?
Order #Pi102165

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I’ll check now, but if you haven’t received any confirmation of dispatch it might not make it in time. But yes, those are busy times, we just had a weekend of promos and that inevitably has an impact on the turnaround I’m afraid.

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Thanks for the reply @RogueM and your hard work (and of all the Pimoroni crew), you guys still sent it yesterday and everything got here safely before lunch.
Here’s a pic of the loot for those wondering: https://twitter.com/cmadiogo/status/761538261550501890

(I believe you can now close the thread)

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