Dispatch delay

Hi folks,

Having placed my order on Friday afternoon I was hoping to have seen it dispatched on the Monday. Sadly, Tuesday has come and gone and I have yet to receive any dispatch note.

I guess you guys are swamped in huge orders… :D Bung me an update if you get moment please (or just type ‘X’ if you are about to pass out…) ;)

Edit: Order #PI62716


We are, indeed, swamped in huge orders and short on hands in the post room where I spent the day helping out. Please send replacement legs.

However, that’s not the issue with your order- you should have received an email from us at around 4pm with an explanation!

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Thanks, Gadgetoid - just checked my mail again and found the mail you mentioned, which had kindly been put in the spam folder by gmail… will reply to it now.

Edit: Removed fruitless griping as its all in the mail anyway - you lucky creatures…

PS Apologies to Matt if my mails seem sh*tty - I’m just frustrated and I can’t edit those.

This situation has now been resolved/managed by Matt & team - please lock this thread and send it down to wavey Davey. Mark it ‘Cabin Fever Madness - do not open’…

Great news! And no worries. I genuinely like seeing the forums busy and useful :D

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