Shipping-Status #PI63045


Hi there,

suffering from cabin fever so long, i have placed an order on monday, hopefully to get a loving tangerine-pibowed PI2.
Unfortunantly, i haven’t got an shipping-email so far. But being abroad this week, my spamfolder is constantly flown over. So maybe i had purged this mail by mistake…
Can you see if that shipment is already on the way?

Staying tuned,
best regards


Its me again,

I’ve got the shipment-mail just in time, a few minutes after posting. :D That is service!
But i have another question belonging the order:
I can’t found the extra Pi2 and tangerine PiBow (CabinFever extra with Weekend) in the itemslist beeing shipped…
Is it added automatically without notifications at the itemlist or have I done something wrong while ordered the things?

Thank you, mates.
Best regards


Stocks providing, they will have been manually added when we packed up your order and won’t appear on your item list.