Xmas ordering - postal strike problems

Just asking what people think, Want to order some bits - can’t do till Friday, but with the forthcoming postal strike would I be better waiting until the new year with the chance my order placed on Friday is still stuck in the sorting office until then anyway.

THIS IS NOT having a go at the excellent crew at Pimoroni. Keep up the excellent work.

It’s a “Post Office” strike, not a “Postal Strike” I’m told. I’ve got no idea what the difference is, either, but apparently our deliveries should remain unaffected. Unless you have to, you know, go to a post office to pick it up. Then you’re stuffed!

I am confused by it as well, All our post comes from the main Post Office just up the road, it is also the local sorting office for the SM postcode as far as I am aware
. The main thing I want if still in stock is a Zero with header kit.

Just ordered a few bits including a Zero hopefully no problems.

Did your items arrive ok?

Not yet hopefully tomorrow.

If you let me know your order number I can look into it…?


email saying shipped was yesterday so did not really expect it till tomorrow.

Ok, let’s hang on until tomorrow then. We’ll put our faith in Royal Mail…

Order has just arrived thank you . Have a good Christmas.

Yay! Glad it arrived safely and in time! I’ll close the thread now.