Disappointed Dad

I look forward to receiving a Pimoroni Gift Voucher on Fathers’ Day, birthdays and Christmas. Always useful and I tend to spend them over time on several small items or a larger piece such as a Galactic Unicorn. Your launch dates seldom coincide with the giving date and I like to get in early with new items.

My daughter was horrified to see the piratical 20% ‘tax’ on using your Pirate cards so asked me to think of something else so that I got the full value.

I’ve received generous vouchers every year since you started trading and spent many hundreds of pounds on your products over this time.

I think you have dropped a cutlass on your foot with this price increase!

That seems like it must be a mistake, might be worth emailing them as they’re more likely to see it?

Look in the shop

(Rather unfortunate URL “Search - Pimoroni” [search?q=gift%20vouchers])

They are charging £12 for a £10 voucher and £60 for a £50 voucher - the same as VAT!

I did look in the shop before I posted, what I mean is that it must be a mistake with the shop software that’s applying tax/VAT improperly to gift cards.

I second major_tomm – I checked the exchange between the pound, and what I use - Canadian. Looks to be a very close to the market rate. – Their shop software might have a slight issue :-(

Checked the other exchange rates, they look to be correct/close to market value. So yeah, Pimoroni’s website needs a look at…

@hel, Can you point your spyglass at this problem and get it sorted, please.

You have the option of E-mailing Tech Support directly.
Contact Us for Raspberry Pi Technical Support - Pimoroni

Hmm, I think VAT being added to gift cards is a mistake on the shop front - once you get to the payment step it seems to charge you the correct amount (i.e. no VAT).

I’ll raise this with the web folks, thanks for the nudge!

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