Pimoroni 4º birthday discount


Thanks for the discount promo.
My question is, if i make an order over 75 pounds with a Raspberry Zero included in the order (one per customer), will i get another Raspberry Zero (free) with the discount code promo “CANDY”?

Thanks in advance.


In addition to this question, does the 50, 75, 100 pound requirement count before or after the 10% discount? For those not living in the UK, does the minimum spend work on the original inc VAT price, or the exc VAT price?

E.g. if I order 75 pounds worth of stuff including a Raspberry Pi Zero, the amount that I’ll end up paying would be 56 pounds plus shipping - would I still get another Raspberry Pi Zero? Sounds great if true!

Also, when does this promotion end?


The zero is a freebie, so yes, even if your order includes one you’ll still get the extra.

Promos last until Monday night.

As for your other questions, when going through checkout, you will see whether your total qualifies you for a freebie at the top of the page, but I believe it is the total before discount that counts, not sure about VAT.


I see, the cart isn’t exactly explicit, however it has been clarifed here that’s how it works:

As for VAT I’m not sure, try the below dummy order and check your cart… if it says you qualify then that should mean the total with VAT included is accounted rather than excl VAT. That would make sense but there might be a technical difficulty allowing for that particular case.


Awesome - thanks for that! I’ve just placed an order!