Cart questions


I am trying to be ready for monday Pi Zero Rush, I alredy put on my cart a pHAT Explorer. This time I’ll probably send everything to a friend of a friend who lives in Manchester, is there any way I can store that address?

I want to buy that Explorer and the bundle with the Scroll pHAT, what happens if any of the products is not available? (the Explorer of any of the bundle) is it everything cancelled? I am asking cause I need the Zero hahaha and don’t want to lose time.

Thank you!

Hey Iker!

Basically if it’s out of stock you’ll get a warning during checkout. That’s how it will be for everyone! I’d suggest you attempt to pre-fill your cart as much as possible on the day ready to add the Zero products. We’ll make them available as close to midday (UK time) as possible!

Hi Jon,

Thank you for your answer! Is it possible to save a address? I know one why: place and cancel and order, but don’t what to do that.

Thank you!

Not at the moment I’m afraid!

No worries, I type fast hahahaha

Any prevision on sales? Hope good for you but slow enough to get one, I’ll be ready before 12 pm.

Our first batch sold out in 4 hours, can’t really speculate to how this batch will do with people knowing about it!