Where to buy 4 core power cable 6mm thick casing?

I’m having so much trouble tracking down some cable like this. Does anyone know where I can get some at an affordable price in the UK? I have no idea why but the few places I’ve seen it, it is incredibly expensive and only available in industrial size spools!

The requirement which seems to be tricky is the outer cable diameter must be 6mm. Which seems to me a pretty standard size for these type of power cables. But apparently it’s not perhaps?

Any help greatly appreciated.

ScrewFix have this- https://www.screwfix.com/p/nexans-round-flex-3184y-4-core-1mm-5m-white/7118t

I’d suggest taking some calipers into a local branch and asking to see/test the cable since the manufacturer states the diameter at 230mm! (it’s quite clearly not)

A cursory search for 4-core power cable suggests a 7mm minimum diameter though.

With an idea of the voltage/current/core diameter/etc you require, or what you plan to use it for I might be able to fish around the team for a better answer.

Thanks for the reply @gadgetoid The cable is for a psu I’m building to supply an old c64, so it needs to carry 9v ac and 5v dc to the computer. The reason it needs to be 6mm is that that seems to be the standard which these types of cable are for small electrical equipment. Any more than 6mm and these cables get very stiff and don’t bend easily. But most importantly the din connectors sheaths only accept 6mm. Ideally I’d like it to be black too. It’s really weird that I’m having such trouble tracking this thickness down.

As it happens, I’ve got an old (breadbin IIRC) C64 and a probably-dead USA power supply so I’m in a similar boat.

I’d say you could take some liberties with the cable sheath of 7mm 3-core + GND wire to squeeze it into a DIN connector, but I appreciate your point about flexibility!

What’s your plan to handle the 12VAC requirement?

I did finally track some 6mm power cable down on eBay. :) It took quite a search though.

Yes you should definitely not use your old psu! There’s a very high chance it’ll fail and take the board with it. The C64 requires 9vac, which I’m supplying via a new transformer. For the 5v dc I’m simply using a standard power brick, in this case an old PSP one. I’m going to wire them together, fuse both ends, and put them in a nice enclosure.

There are other methods, but this seems the most cost effective and, from my point of view, interesting and approachable.

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