Anyone know if the M2 Standoff works with Pibow?


I’m using a HAT (Capacitive Touch), I’ve soldered the header to the HAT but the connection seems to only be strong when I press down / attach the HAT using standoffs. I’ve been struggling to find standoffs that work well - the latest I bought work without the Pibow case on - but when I have my case on, the green layer means that the standoffs are too high and the headers aren’t contacting the GPIO.

Question is do the standoff’s on this site work with a Pibow case?

I guess if not, my best option would be to carefully cut away the plastic around the holes in the Pibow level (I think I can do this for three of them - the fourth runs the risk of some of the case snapping off.

How have others done it? Secondary question - should my touch HAT be so… ‘touchy’ about working? Videos see they are just placed on the GPIO but when I do that the light is faint and the i2c only sometimes shows that it is properly connected.

Cheers for any advice in advance…


Could we get a photo of your soldered HAT please? The connection should be rock solid!


Cheers for the reply, yup you can indeed. Let me know if these aren’t clear enough… My phone isn’t great at macro.

No doubt it is probably the soldering - it’s the first time I’ve soldered anything in my life so had a few youtube videos to go on…



It’s quite hard to see from those photographs but it looks like most of the joints don’t have enough solder on them. A well soldered joint should look like a little volcano with concave sides. Like this:


cheers, I tried to resolder - may need to buy a new one - I was a little too generous this time and covered a few of the holes next to ones I was soldering :/

Even though - it didn’t seem to help the connection problem - the light was still really faint and needed me to continue pressing down on the HAT for it to work…


I’ve desoldered, and resoldered. Pretty bad but they are now all at least properly soldered (and a few over soldered), it looks a bit of a mess. When I put the HAT on, it easy doesn’t light up or when I press it, it has a faint light…

Any final suggestions before I conceed I may need to buy a new board and learn? I was thinking I should probably do a quick test og GPIOs to check there is nothing wrong with the Pi?