PiBow & Sense Hat

I’m just wondering if anyone could help me I’m new to adding accessories to the Raspberry Pi

I’ve currently got a Raspberry Pi 3 and looking to buy a Sense Hat with a Pibow 3 coupe, but I’ve got a few questions.

Does the Sense Hat come with standoffs or will i need to purchase them, if so which ones?

From what I’ve seen the Sense Hat sits on top of the Pibow 3 Coupe, so with this in mind do i need a GPIO header, I’ve read were some people have suggested it, but i’m not 100% sure, as i won’t be adding anything else to the GPIO, and again i’m not sure on which GPIO headers to get.

Many thanks for your help!

Very few HATs come with standoffs, they’re not usually required but can be a nice-to-have if you’re using it without a Coupe case. We sell the right-sized standoffs here: https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/brass-m2-5-standoffs-for-pi-hats-black-plated-pack-of-2

The Sense HAT should plug in fine to a Pi with a Coupe case, there’s no need for any extended GPIO.

Standoffs are unnecessary with the Coupe case,in fact they wont fit anyway!

That’s brilliant thank you very much for the response

Hello Pimoroni Crew!

The sense HAT does plug in fine when used with a PiBow coupe case, but the mini-joystick on the HAT is in a corner of the board which could really do with extra mechanical support.

Do you think you could come up with something? Maybe a nylon spacer to sit between the board and the case, along with some pins.

What do you think? I reckon there’d be a few takers.


We quite often use adhesive rubber feet for this purpose, do you think that might work?

I also tried some small double-sided nylon keyhole clips that popped into the top of the PiBow and into the mounting holes of a HAT, but I couldn’t find ones that were quite the right length.

Adhesive rubber feet could well work. Simple and effective!
The nylon keyhole clips sound interesting as well.

I did wonder about using short nylon PCB standoffs and nylon screws, but I was hoping you might have a ready-made solution.

Anyhow - Thanks for the ideas! :)