Coupé standoffs and cover accessories wanted



When mounting a HAT like the Sense HAT to a Pi wearing the Coupé case, I find that pressing the joystick also presses the whole HAT down. It looks like there are some screw holes, so I was wondering what people use as standoffs to stabilize the HAT? Is there anything available pre-cut to the right length?

Also, while I love the accessibility of everything with the Coupé case, there are times when I want to toss the Pi in my bag to transport it somewhere. Is there any sort of cover for the GPIO header? Or what else would you suggest to keep it from getting damaged?

Thanks, Nathan.


I use 5mm tall spacers, which are perfect for things like the Sense HAT.

Another way, particularly if you need to take the HAT on and off, is to use screws upside down with 3x nuts to pad the height, like so:

and I had exactly the predicament you describe about packing my Coupé housed Pi, again nylon spacers do wonders:

… I use a diffuser layer to cap it off, with added bonus that I can use Unicorn HAT without feeling like I’m starring in the Wizard of Oz all day afterwards.

I hope that helps… hopefully the 5mm spacers will be available at some points from the shop, but if you drop me a PM I’m happy to send you a couple of samples in the post!

EDIT: here’s a link to the diffuser modification layer:


Thanks @RogueM. Nice idea.

I actually already have a diffuser layer that I’m not using, so it’s just a matter of getting the 5mm spacers or nylon bolts. The only thing I see in the shop is these 7mm bolts:

Up until now I have been removing the Sense HAT and storing/transporting it separately. Whether I need to take it on/off on a regular basis is another question. Once it’s more firmly attached, I could see myself keeping it attached to one Pi.

I’m planning to do a Coupé 3 order fairly soon. But I’m waiting to see if St. Patrick’s Day brings a Jade version to match my display frame. ;-)



I see there are these 11m standoffs in the shop. Are these for use with other cases?

Thanks. If I do an order, could I leave a note on the order so a few samples could be shipped out with it.



those are to secure add-on boards to ‘bare’ Pis (AFAICT).

the 5mm samples are currently on my desk, in different premises than those of the shop, so right now, no, you’ll need to drop me your address by DM here.


Hi RogueM,

Any plans to stock those 5mm standoffs? I never did receive any in the post.



They haven’t? let me sort you out another parcel. Right now though I’m not sure if it’s likely to be stocked, it’s not as straightforward as I initially thought.