Attaching HAT to Pibow Coupe

I’m looking to make a semi-permanent installation where I hope to be attaching a Perma-Proto HAT with an XBee attached to a PI 2 with a Pibow Coupe. I don’t actually have either the HAT or the case yet, but I was wondering if there was a way to actually mount the hat to the Pi/Case with screws/standoffs. From the pictures it looks like there are holes that line up with the mounting holes on the Pi, but I was wondering what hardware I would need to mount the HAT to the Pi board. I’ve searched anywhere to see if I could find someone who had done this but I have been unable. The holes are present in the case though so I assume it’s for a reason.


So the holes serve no purpose…?

you can use M2.5 screws to secure a HAT in place yes.