Securing the Skywriter HAT on Pi A+



I’ve just got my Skywriter HAT set up with my new A+ (coupe case) and it works pretty well! My only concern now is that I might break it as it’s only connected right at the top by the pins.

On the video of the ‘Terrormin’ ( , scroll down to bottom) I noticed there are four bits of plastic sticking through the holes of the Skywriter, I’m guessing to secure it in place. What are they and where could I find them? :)



Wow, you’re an astute viewer! Those tiny little plastic things are something I dug out of a box somewhere in the workshop, I kept the packet so we could investigate if they were worth doing something with- but at the time they weren’t compatible with larger PiBows. They’re also not quite the right size for the Model A+ case either.

I think the larger model has changed to fewer layers now, so it might be worth investigating again. I’ll find out!


Thanks for looking into this for me! :)

I considered using the plastic screws that come with the pibow cases, but they were too big (the skywriter hat holes look like the same size as the ones in the four corners of the pi itself). I didn’t want to try using metal screws incase I damaged something or interfered with the skywriter itself. I suppose all it needs is something that can fit through the pi’s holes and then sit between the top of the coupe case and the skywriter itself, so any pressure on the skywriter is spread out across them. I’ll go down to maplins on my lunch break tomorrow and look for any nylon or plastic screws that might fit the bill.

I’ve had a lot of fun so far - I’m now full of ideas for putting several of the new pi 2’s together with IR cameras and try building a DYI Leap Motion. :) Thanks again for your help with this!