Fitting Skywriter hat to B+ with Pibow coupe case

Hi I got a Skywriter hat for Christmas, and am having trouble fitting it to my B+ when it is in the pibow coupe case. The problem is with the eeprom chip next to the connector which when the connector is pushed all the way down, lifts the hat pcb up at an angle. if you touch the pcb it then pivots on the eeprom chip and pulls the connector out. it seems the either the connector is too shallow to maintain an electrical connection with the PI header or the chip is too tall. Other than desoldering the PI header and fitting a taller one so that i can stand the hat above the case, what options to i have to mount this with the coupe case?

here is a picture of the board with the connector pressed in place. you can see the angle it sits at.


That’s odd ? Do you have a few more photos from top angle and sides to see whats preventing it to lay flat ?

Hi! We actually had to modify the Pibow Coupé to be compatible with HATs so you must have an older version - drop me a line to :-)

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