A+ Coupe Pibow Base


Just wondering what the base layer is like on the new A+ case - does it have any mounting holes?

Just thinking of projects with a small Pi and case so would be good to understand … if not I guess the alternate mounting option would to find some longer bolts to replace the case ones


We should really have some images of the base on our product page! I’ll contact the shop guys and ask them to sort that out :-) Will let you know when they’re up!

The bottom layer of the A+ case has holes that align with the mounting holes in the Pi itself- and also with hats. So it’s possible to use risers and bolts ( if you can find any long enough ) to run through the Pi, the case and the HAT for a super-secure mounting.

You could also run bolts just through the bottom layer of the A+ Coupe, but I’d recommend using nylon ones to err on the side of caution. I think it needs 2.5mm bolts.

And, yes, you could also find longer bolts to replace the case ones- the extender bolts for a PiBow would probably be sufficient- http://shop.pimoroni.com/products/pibow-extender-bolt-pack

Ah cool - that’s great thanks!

I’d missed the extender bolts - they probably would be just right for what I was thinking - still deciding whether I can justify another Pi though :)

The obvious answer is; of course you can :D

Have to say, I’m loving the A+. I modded mine with a UART connection ( solder 4 pins underneath to 5v, GND, TX/RX ) so I can power it from my laptop and talk to it using a serial terminal.

It’s tricky to stomach hacking a brand new Pi ( and case, eek! ), but it’s well worth it!