Arduino COM Trouble

When I plug my Arduino into my computer and try to compile a program it says “cannot find device on COM 1” . I have looked at Arduino support and it didn’t help.

I am desprate!!!

We’ll do what we can! What version of Arduino is it, what’s your computer, and what Operating System is it running? I’m assuming Windows-something-or-other since it uses the “COM” naming for serial ports.

You may have to select the right board and port in the Arduino IDE, are you familiar with how to do this?

Computer:Dell Latatude 3340
OS:Windows 7
Arduino Version:1.6.13

I am familiar on how to select the board but not the port. How do you do that?

Which Arduino board are you using?

I am using the UNO R3

Have you read this?

Typically the Port menu should be below the board menu. There are only a very few reasons why it should be greyed out.

Yes I read that article