Can't see COM port in Windows 10

Trying to use a new Pico W, can’t see board on any COM port

In device manager COM3 is greyed out and device manager says “Device USB\VID_2E8A&PID_0005&MI_00\6&381b0803&0&0000 requires further installation.”.

I know the USB port and cable is fine because I can connect to another Pico without problems.

Starting with BOOTSEL pressed the file system is visible as I used this to drop your UF2 file - which seems to get recognised and the board restarts once the download is complete.

I also tried reloading the default image, but this still fails.

I connected the Pico to a Linux laptop and everything seems find (I can run so it looks as though this is a Windows issue

Do you have any other RP2040 devices connected to that Windows PC?
If I have my Pico RGB Keypad Base (which is running Circuit Python) plugged in, I get an error when connecting a Micro Python flashed PICO.
Device descriptor has failed, something like that? Boot mode is fine though, and I can flash it no problem. I just can’t find it in Thonny after that.

No nothing else connected ATM although my other Pico was on that port earlier, I’ll try a reboot of Windows tomorrow and see if that makes a difference

Pimoroni Pico W 120.2 uf2 file?

Ok, thats the one I’m using, and it works. There were some issues with some of the earlier builds. Just wanted to rule that out.

So after much playing around in device manager in Windows, rebooting etc. it all seems to be working but for some reason comes up on COM4, whereas my other Pico comes up as COM3

Mine jump around port number wise, depending on which RP2040 device I plug in.