Tiny2040 getting started

Have only managed to get circuit python onto tiny2040. Tried many different editors and so far no luck. Under linux I cannot save to device as it is read only. In Windows Mu-editor cannot connect as it does not see device.

Have read that you have to tell editors about device (as it is still quite new) even this did not help.

Not afraid of searching or getting into a terminal but I am stumped as too why device is only showing as read only?

What am I doing wrong?

I know for the full sized PICO, in Thonny, I have to change the Interpreter to Micro Python(Raspberry Pi PICO).
In Micro Python my PICO only shows up as a drive if I hold the boot select button down. In that mode I can drop my uf2 file to it and it reboots. In that default mode I have to use the IDE to save files to it, its not visible in file explorer.
That being said I do believe its different in Circuit python and should show up as a drive. I have yet to try Circuit Python myself, and I don’t have a Tiny2040, not yet anyway. It’s on my wish list.