Arduino db25 shield

Hi Can anyone tell me if there is a Arduino db25 shield available, to connect an old parallel port peripheral.
Thank You

I apologise if this post is in the wrong place, Its my first ever post here.


Wow, I have not seen a db25 in decades. I doubt there is a shield for that old a technology. I would suggest sacrificing some breadboard jumpers and a db25 connector and building what you need. You will probably not need all 25 pins. As I recall there are 8 data pins, 1 data ready, and 1 printer busy pin. You will need a ground pin and possibly 1 or 2 more. It depends on what peripheral you are attaching. Sounds like “back to the documentation” time. Good luck.


Hi Bruce thank you for your quick reply, after I posted the question I did some more research. I find that in simple terms its just connect the pins, load some code and done. The example was using a nano and the db25, wired and installed in a 3d print dsub enclosure.
Looks like your right about building it myself “and yes, back to the documentation but only for the pinout”
Thank again Bruce