Audio DAC shim question

I received my Audio DAC Shim today and I want to know how it fits onto the pi zero pins. Do I need a header, single row or double row, of some description and solder it onto the Audio DAC

It plugs directly onto the GPIO header, no need to add one. You can if you wish add a female header, but the shim uses friction fit to attach.

I have my pi zero in one of those 4 piece layer plastic case, and the phatDac just went on nicely.
Is there a case which will suit for the AudioDac slotted onto the pi pins, as the layered one doesn’t fit well now.

I can’t get sound out of the AudioDAC now!!!
Is there something on the pi zero that needs to be done, as it is very strange, almost like something has broken. I have tried the AudioDAC connected direct to a android tablet, but still no sound. I’ve also tried another pi zero
Any ideas

If you solder a female header to the audio DAC, it will plug in and be on top like the phatDac was.

How did you connect the Audio DAC to an android tablet?

I’ll have to get some female headers, does it need double or single.
I connected a phono lead from the AudioDAC to the phono socket on my tablet

I have just flashed then sd card with a previous version of volumio, and this asks for the type of DAC . I put the PhatDAC back on the pi zero to see if it does put out sound.
I can’t do anything yet as is scanning my NAS server now for music, then it wants to restart.
I’ll post back later

It needs a 40 pin, 20 x 2, female.
The phono jack on DAC shim is an output jack.
If you were trying to use the tablet as a speaker you would need to use an audio in jack, if it has one.

Ok , I see.
Anyway the newer version of Volumio 3. something doesn’t have any option for selecting the type of DAC, but this previous version does, so I’m hopeful the PhatDac works.

Ok, just to let you know that now I have music playing from the PhatDac to my speaker.

It seems that because the type of DAC not able to be selected in the new / updated version was the problem.