PhatDac replacement?

I’ve had a Phatdac for a few years now and I think it has just given up?? I can’t get any sound from it into a speaker.
I have volumio on an old pi zero with the phatdac, and it did work ok, but now there is no sound, so I am assuming the phatdac is kaput.

If it is, what is the current equivalent which would just plug onto the pi zero pins Does this script test the output from the phatdac to the speaker:

curl | bash

I have ran it and there was no sound from the speaker then phatdac was connected to

Are you sure its not the speaker? That’s line out right, so its an amplified speaker or ear buds?
I thinking this, Audio DAC SHIM (Line-Out) - Pimoroni

Keep on mind your almost certainly going to have to install new software to get it running. Might have to start over with a clean install of Pi OS to get it working.

It isn’t the speakers because both bluetooth speakers play music from my phone.
I ran the said script again on both speakers with the phat dac connected, and there is no sound at all .
This is a clean install of Pi OS , which I flashed to run the script with.
The speaker did play music ok from the phat dac a few days ago, but not now.

Regarding the Audio DAC Shim , I assume it will connect etc the same way as the phat dac does on the GPIO pins


Had to ask, as per speakers.
Yes, it just plugs into the GPIO header.