Automation hat install issues on pi3

IC2 detected at 48, but when I run any of the examples it cant find ads module ‘ads1015’

have you installed the library itself? if so how (manually or using the one-line installer mentioned in the github repo)?

another possibility is that you have a file named in the same folder as the examples, that is a common stumbling block and python will try to import that file as opposed to the real library, buried in your system.

one liner in git hub for install, I will check the file

only example files input output and relay.

I started fresh with a clean image updated etc. one line easy install Curl -sS… Still thinks that :
from ads1015 import ads1015
Import Error: No module named ‘ads1015’

Is there another way to install such that this will not happen?

ok so if you run the moule in python 2 no problem python 3 is where the error shows up?

great detective work!

@gadgetoid just fixed the issue.

To install, pending packaging and release you should make a clone of the repo and run sudo python3 install from within in the /library folder.

Works like a charm, Thanks