Automation Hat mini and DS18B20


I have been using the automation hat (standard) without issue on a number of circuits but now want to try the mini.

I have a number of 1-wire DS18B20 sensors that I normally read off GPIO pin 7 (i2c int) and have tried to use the breakout on the underside of the mini-board. Voltage is good but I never find the devices. Remove the mini and connect directly to the pins and all is good.

I also have a few 24v relays and the example script runs well but the load remains on all the time. I notice a voltage drop at the ground side of the load from 4.8v to 0v when the output is switched on but never see the full 24v when output switched off. Current is well within limit at about 60mA.

Using a headless pi 4 with latest Raspian and software. Also running node-red but issue the same whether that is running or not. I2C, one-wire and SPI all enabled.