Automation hat mini documentation

Please post the link to complete Automation Hat Mini documentation. We have been using the Blog Post, the tutorial and the sample apps but the first two are very Large Automation Hat centric and do not include discussion of programming the display on the mini or a discussion of the mini pin out with sample wiring diagrams. In the automation hat mini display examples there are base images for drawing output, input, and analog data to the screen, but no base image to report on the state of Relays.

Is there no purpose made documentation for the mini hat? The current shop and learn links all point to the 3 resources above so please don’t refer us there.


PS we are getting a solar powered weather API based watering and fertilizing system online (this is version 2) to produce food bank crops at our church. Version 1 worked well and had complete I/o board documentation but it was based on a competitors product that used too much power from the solar controller over 24 hours - It grew great broccoli crops last fall. We are running a 12v water valve with the relay and a 12v submersible pump for the fertilizer on output 1 plus a water sensor on analog 1. The Solar controller also has USB power out for the pi Zero W and automation hat mini.


Pins for the mini can be found here:

I’ve found the best support for programming the mini’s display via the examples:

If you want to look under the hood, the display uses an ST7735 controller. The python module for this is pretty thin, but has some great comments:

There’s not much to programming the display. You create an image with the PIL module (the st7735 module expects a PIL image) then you call the st7735.display() function with it.

The PIL image can be pretty much in any format since the st7735.display() function will convert it.

# setup st7735 spi interface
import ST7735 as ST7735
disp = ST7735.ST7735(

# build an image
from PIL import Image, ImageDraw, ImageFont

my_font = ImageFont.load_default()
my_img ='RGB', (160, 80))
my_img_draw = ImageDraw.Draw(my_img)
text = 'Hello world!'
my_img_draw.text((0, 0), text, (255,255,255), font=my_font)

# display it