Automation HAT & Raspberry Pi PICO?

Hi! I’m just getting started with the Raspberry Pi Pico. I recently purchased the Automation HAT Mini, and since I was able to use it with my Raspberry Pi 3+, I’m wondering if it’s compatible with the Pico. Is it simply a matter of connecting the pins correctly?

I couldn’t install the automationhat library on my PC to use it with Thonny as the script must be run on raspbian on a raspberry pi.

As far as I investigated I could connect it to my PICO following the pinout, but i would need to make my own library to use it.

Is this possible?


Theoretically yes, but it would involve a fair bit of heavy lifting - the considerably easier approach would be to grab a Automation 2040 W Mini (Pico W Aboard) instead :-)

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You could try something like this: Pico to Pi HAT | The Pi Hut

I never tested that one, since I have built an adapter like this myself (GitHub - bablokb/pcb-pico-pi-base: An Interface PCB to use Pi-Hats with a Pi-Pico(w)). But with the exception of the Hyperpixel displays I managed to get every HAT working. Depending on the specific HAT, there was more or less work for porting the drivers.